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Jan 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
to cut my particular item on the budget, they don't want to cut anything. so it's not clear if they really believe in it. based on the best data i have when writing this book lowest 10% and highest 30%. so lib tarnse if they were conscious and political, they could be a big movement. it could be a group of people that have a lot of influence in politics but they are not organized that way right now. >> what you might not know sunday night at 8:00 on c-span q&a. >> the inspector general overseeing reconstruction efforts in afghanistan said the u.s. risks losing billions of dollars without proper oversight of the projects. those remarks same at the same time that president karzai. this is 50 mens. >> thank you very much. and thank you very much for everyone showing up this afternoon. they were very generous comments and i am honored to be here today at the stimson center, an institution named for and inspired by a man who helped to guide the nation through some of the most difficult challenges that we have ever faced. and an organization that i remember calling upon for guidan
Jan 6, 2013 9:30pm EST
're involved in? >> well, i don't think i can overstate how much it galvanized people. i think people saw an opening to talk about this issue that had been swept under the rugby politicians and others, neither the president nor romney talked about climate change during the election. suddenly people began to talk about the issue which was good. mayor bloomberg here, his endorsement on the president in part on climate change. so i think the storm, the prolonged drought affecting our nation's crops, they don't change everything. it doesn't mean we've won the battle but do open up the conversation from which we can begin to make the changes that we desperately need to make. >> good. well, again, we'll come back to issues around that. but let's hear the last set of predictions from governor whitman who was, of course, the head of e.p.a. under george w. bush. and also the -- prior to that the 50th governor of the state of new jersey, governor of the state of new jersey, as you will know, has more powers in the state, i think, than any other governor. it's a very important position. and now she
Jan 7, 2013 2:25am EST
word in that column i agree with. i don't agree with the punctuation. i don't think the way she structured the debate and i certainly don't agree with her conclusions. leaving that aside, yes, unfortunately this will be the new norm. in this day and age nothing happens until it has to happen because of the hyper partisanship and polarization in congress. while we are all glad we dealt on new year's day with this other issue you know we have three other issues coming up by the end of march. host: this is from those who wrote broken congress it is worse than it looks. they have five myths about the 112th congress. a lot of myths with the 80th congress which passed 906 laws including the marshall plan which they say was clearly one of the most consequential initiatives of the 20th century and created the defense department and national security council and in contrast the 112th congress enacted the smallest number of laws in modern history, fewer than 250 including 40 that were trivial such as post office naming and commemorative resolution. guest: it was not very productive. the p
Jan 6, 2013 2:00am EST
media? i don't know. do you think that the social media, are we going to call it, will play a bigger role in peace in the world and tolerance within cultures and different religions? do you see there is hope for peace in the world? >> i am an optimist to a fault. if you do not inherently trust your fellow men and women to be smart and decent, then you do not believe in democracy and free market in education, because they are all a bunch of dolts. your question about social media is right. it is not a mediator, it is connecting us. it is important to say that those revolutions were not done by tools, they were done by brave people. they have hard work to do right now, and let's hope these tools can help them. but the responsibility is all there. >> amanda, i have a question for you. if i were able to produce a ukulele, would you be willing to play us a song? >> may be. [applause] >> and a microphone, too. >> thank you. speaking of -- i love your question and your answer. i want to go on record saying i have never seen a more positive change than hanging out on twitter for the last few
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4